business training


Every day we train and develop attitudes and mentalities through ad hoc strategic paths depending on specific needs!


The training courses that we propose, which are based on emotional intelligence, are oriented towards improving internal communication, group cohesion and the well-being of the company climate, developing abilities to manage change and to increase one’s own quantitative and qualitative standards.


Companies, organisations, institutions are above all realities made of people. Putting people at the centre means giving the right honours and duties to maintain the motivation of the single resource at a constant level. The collaborator, the manager, the director represents the interface with the external stakeholders and for this reason he/she has to be at the centre of a path of constant improvement and broad refinement of managerial abilities and motivational features.


Developing a common language, built on shared references, meanings and values; stimulating the sense of belonging through a long term vision; and orientating the entire group towards the search of constant improvement, is the mission of every company that makes its human capital its foremost strength.

Additionally, the working environment is fundamental for achieving any type of objective. Prerequisites for a company that desires to leave an important legacy, are to create a stimulating working environment, in which a creative, open and available team motivates the individual and provides him/her with the daily gratifications and the desire to confront him/herself with new and ambitious challenges.


Indeed, only a tightly knit team, capable of deciding and acting autonomously but always in sync with the rest of the group, can make the difference that allows a company to outdo the competition!

 The training that we supply acts as a great simulator in this direction. We learn how to develop your soft skills! Those transversal abilities for every type of work, general and intangible, that constitute the nucleus of self-awareness and relationship capacities: social abilities, the capacity to be open to feedback and assertiveness!


What we do:

Company dynamics         

  • Relational communication
  • How to generate Motivation
  • Time Management
  • The convincing Word (Public speaking)
  • Error management
  • Management of collaborators
  • Get Together “The value of differences”
  • Experiential Team Building

Company Coaching

  • Doing in order to obtain
  • Management leadership

Organizzazione e gestione del sapere

Formazione manageriale

Formazione T/Obbligatoria