personal training


We are proposing a complete range of courses and seminars, studied on the basis of the specific needs of professionals, employees, students, aligned with the most cutting-edge solutions in the field of training. We develop your potentialities and fill your gaps, especially the emotional ones!

Emotional intelligence plays an essential role in your training. Indeed it is the improvement of your emotional capacities that allow you to face your personal and professional challenges, and it leads to Excellence!

Our courses allow you to enrich your background, potentiate your talents and improve personal and work performance, with particular attention to entrepreneurial needs.

We commit ourselves to bringing each individual to a deeper level of thinking, learning to direct the power of the emotions!
What we do:


Excellence is in you
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Discover your Mind
  • Mindfullness
  • RVS
  • Crea

InformaAzione and sports

  • Emotional intelligence and sport
  • Training and concentration
  • Competition stress
  • The positive thought of the athlete

Personal coaching

  • Train towards excellence