OMM – The One Minute Meditation – EN

OMM – The One Minute Meditation – EN


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OMM is a simple and engaging path to know yourself more deeply and live the life you desire.

By reading this book you will learn to discover what you want and how to progress towards your goal.

The OMM meditation path was created by Patrizio Paoletti, who has been working in the field of personal development for over 30 years, and encourages people to go beyond their fears. Inside the book you will find: simple diagrams to help you memorize key content and practical exercises to train yourself.

The advantages of the OMM method are:

  1. Become more relaxed and increase your concentration
  2. Prefigure more effectivelywhat you desire
  3. Acquire more Detachmentfrom your needs and Distance from your negative emotions
  4. Develop Determinationto reach your goal thanks to the 3D’s.
  5. Understand betterhow your mental mechanisms work
  6. Improve your easein relating to others
  7. Achieve more self-awareness

Readers’ reviews:

One minute to discover the best part of yourself

Francesco Fontana

“A short, but enlightening read! I was struck by the simplicity with which it highlights our sabotaging processes and how it gives us the possibility to contact the best part of us. Once you read this book it is clear that we have no more excuses and we can’t blame other things or people for the results in our life: they depend on us. The OMM technique helps us to gradually take back the power over our life.”


Practical, deep, a perfect gift!

Fabio C.

“Practicing meditation in these years has truly revolutionized life by bringing benefits to all parts of it. I was always looking for a simple book to recommend to my friends who asked me where to start and I found OMM to be the perfect book! It is practical and deep at the same time with exercises that allow everyone to approach the benefits of this discipline.

What  amazed me most is that Omm is also extremely stimulating for those who already practice meditation, with practical tips to extend the benefits throughout the day.

In short, it’s a book dedicated to all those people who really want to improve their lives!”

A pocket-sized book that opens new horizons for you!

From Simone

“Written with great care, suitable for everyone, both for beginners and for those who want to perfect their meditation practice. I was impressed by the simplicity and concreteness of this book, that’s already a Best Seller!”


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